Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Blog Of All Happy Things, Chapter 1

My current project manager is a 27 year old and very hormonal woman. Like every month, her body welcomed the last week of the month with a hearty supply of everyone-fuck-off hormones. Next thing you know, I was the center skittle in the bowling game and she, the head-strong kid who would knock me down and then raise me again, just to knock me down one more time.

Icing to the cake, this month, when I least wanted it, some of my high estrogen days coincided with hers, and the rest is now history. There were word wars, and real wars and some more word wars. All I wanted to do all week was quietly hide under the desk and count my days. 

That's when it struck me. There must be so many more horrible bosses and so many more under-the-table employees. I decided that I could try to post one happy thing every day to keep myself and my fellow citizens from the underworld going.

So, here's the happiest moment of today.

My boyfriend was lying comfortably in my arms. He suddenly raised his head and said, "Hey, you're so beautiful" and then he kept looking at me with the truest love in his eyes, like, those I am just glad, just plain glad eyes. If I have to.

I don't have a picture of today's moment but I do have a picture of us overflowing with love from another day. It is from his last birthday. The text on the wall says HAPPY CHEESE DAY. He's a geek and didn't know how to flirt when we first started dating. So anything he'd say to flirt with me would come out as an extremely cheesy pick-up line, and now you know how he got the name.

In other news, I and some girls share a home, and our cook, his wife and their eleven months old kid live with us. The kid, whom I lovingly call, Mango is the closest you can feel to home in a remote city. He has tiny curly hair and the most welcoming smile. He's learning to walk these days. He cautiously spreads his arms to balance himself and gives my leg a tight hug whenever I'm around. I don't have a picture of him right now but he's 100 times cuter than this kid trying to balance in the cartoon below:

I hope I gave all the under the desk people a little something that they'd be able to relate back in their own lives. And I'd love to hear from them about their best thing of the day.

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