Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Need some inspiration

Last few days have been quite chaotic for me. My boyfriend is getting a transfer to Germany. He'll be moving out of the country in two months. If you follow my blog even a little bit, you'd know I love him insanely. I am so proud of him, so very proud, but a little part of me dies every time I see him figuring out the going away logistics. I am with him, having the best time of my day, and reminding myself to not get too used to it, it'll hurt too badly later. Also, in the recent turn of events, I am being offered a new role at work, but that involves relocating to Pune in like three weeks. I hate that place, and that would mean that I'll be moving out even before my boyfriend. Can't get crappier! I don’t know if I should take it or not. Litchies this year are are horrible. Stupid pesticides! I miss my family terribly. I have forgotten to make nice sandwiches. I don't know if I should get a hair cut or not. I am too afraid I'll lose touch with my family and my boyfriend.

Obviously some of these problems are not as important as the others. I have decided to not think about any of these, and also, to not love people more than one day worth of hurt when they go away. And as it turns out, I am obviously not doing a good job at the ‘not thinking’ part either. That's one more to the list.

Also, I got these pulley earphones that coil on pressing a button. I was happy until I found out how useless they are. The pulley is super heavy and they don’t have a hook to stick it on me. They fall off from my ears. Utterly useless. Thank God they are pretty.