Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The blog of all happy things, Chapter 3: Prince Charming finally caught up!

Couple of years ago, I introduced you to this "guy at work I just started dating". Thanks to a very surprising turn of events a few weeks ago, he's now my fiance, and we can start calling him Jagrut, or Prince Charming. I prefer the latter. If you met him, you'd agree.

This is a very emotional time for me. Happy emotional, good emotional, dream come true kind of emotional. Most of my life, unlike most people, I've not known family as a constant. I've known family as a terrifyingly Darwinian evolving system, where people constantly add and subtract. No family I have been closely a part of is complete, and so over the years, I've clubbed people from two-three different biological units, and considered them my own custom family-type thing. It's been the longest dream to have a healthy and complete family. Prince Charming seems to be bringing this dream true for me! His family is giant - all the people are in there. It's so exciting! It's strange that I seem to be happier about getting a family than getting a fiance!

No, he's great too. I am going to tell you something at the risk of making you fall in love with him. Before we go to that, you should know that Charming comes to decisions logically much more often than he would come to them emotionally (unless they involve a crying girlfriend, mother or sister). So, when a few days ago he proposed that we get married, I was surprised he was suggesting that. I was surprised we were not white-boarding this idea and discussing the pros and cons. I was more surprised since every time we discussed this idea before, he always came to the conclusion that the right time to do such a thing is always 3-4 years down the line, no matter which year it is. If you knew me, you'd know that surprise turns into panic quickly for me. Almost all emotions do. I started panicking that he's not thinking through such an important decision of his life. Of my life. 

And so, I asked him, "How did you decide so quickly that we should move forward and get married?".

How he responded to that will always stay with me. I guess it'll be one of those memories that people take to their graves. He said with the greatest conviction in his eyes, "Two reasons - one, I know in all certainty that it has to be you. It doesn't matter when, and now is as good a time as any. Two,... " Well, I don't remember the second reason he quoted. Can't believe I forgot the second part of my grave worthy memory. 

But did you hear that, it has to be me! ME. Who would have thought? 😊 

I love him super much. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Need some inspiration

Last few days have been quite chaotic for me. My boyfriend is getting a transfer to Germany. He'll be moving out of the country in two months. If you follow my blog even a little bit, you'd know I love him insanely. I am so proud of him, so very proud, but a little part of me dies every time I see him figuring out the going away logistics. I am with him, having the best time of my day, and reminding myself to not get too used to it, it'll hurt too badly later. Also, in the recent turn of events, I am being offered a new role at work, but that involves relocating to Pune in like three weeks. I hate that place, and that would mean that I'll be moving out even before my boyfriend. Can't get crappier! I don’t know if I should take it or not. Litchies this year are are horrible. Stupid pesticides! I miss my family terribly. I have forgotten to make nice sandwiches. I don't know if I should get a hair cut or not. I am too afraid I'll lose touch with my family and my boyfriend.

Obviously some of these problems are not as important as the others. I have decided to not think about any of these, and also, to not love people more than one day worth of hurt when they go away. And as it turns out, I am obviously not doing a good job at the ‘not thinking’ part either. That's one more to the list.

Also, I got these pulley earphones that coil on pressing a button. I was happy until I found out how useless they are. The pulley is super heavy and they don’t have a hook to stick it on me. They fall off from my ears. Utterly useless. Thank God they are pretty.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Let's switch our vocal chords

Sequel: The Blog of All Happy Things 
Chapter: 2

Today my Outlook calendar showed:

10:30- 11:00           Reason for breaking up with my bed
02:30- 3:30           Something some people want to discuss
07:30- 8:00           Mellifluous downpour of words

There are some people who have an absolute jewel of a voice. I today spoke with an onshore team member of mine, Dani who possesses this gift. She speaks as if she is getting a teeny bit nervous in the attempt of making the words as polite as they humanly could be made, and then presenting them in the voice of God. Voices like those make me go like Oh yeah, I am listening. Why am I not talking, you ask? Because I think that I sound like a monkey singing '8 days a week' in front of you. Please, oh please, just talk, please keep spreading the magic. And this is how I must look:

She was explaining something that had gone wrong with our model, but all I could hear was her saying something, not words, just something that I wanted to listen to. And when the call was about to end, I had all sorts of questions in my head, Aren't you going to take something for this from me? My money? Any jewelry? Me? Yes, please take me. 

Oh, no, no, don't hang up yet. Oh, okay, well, bye. 

And after 5 minutes of contemplation, 

Shit, I didn't record it!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Blog Of All Happy Things, Chapter 1

My current project manager is a 27 year old and very hormonal woman. Like every month, her body welcomed the last week of the month with a hearty supply of everyone-fuck-off hormones. Next thing you know, I was the center skittle in the bowling game and she, the head-strong kid who would knock me down and then raise me again, just to knock me down one more time.

Icing to the cake, this month, when I least wanted it, some of my high estrogen days coincided with hers, and the rest is now history. There were word wars, and real wars and some more word wars. All I wanted to do all week was quietly hide under the desk and count my days. 

That's when it struck me. There must be so many more horrible bosses and so many more under-the-table employees. I decided that I could try to post one happy thing every day to keep myself and my fellow citizens from the underworld going.

So, here's the happiest moment of today.

My boyfriend was lying comfortably in my arms. He suddenly raised his head and said, "Hey, you're so beautiful" and then he kept looking at me with the truest love in his eyes, like, those I am just glad, just plain glad eyes. If I have to.

I don't have a picture of today's moment but I do have a picture of us overflowing with love from another day. It is from his last birthday. The text on the wall says HAPPY CHEESE DAY. He's a geek and didn't know how to flirt when we first started dating. So anything he'd say to flirt with me would come out as an extremely cheesy pick-up line, and now you know how he got the name.

In other news, I and some girls share a home, and our cook, his wife and their eleven months old kid live with us. The kid, whom I lovingly call, Mango is the closest you can feel to home in a remote city. He has tiny curly hair and the most welcoming smile. He's learning to walk these days. He cautiously spreads his arms to balance himself and gives my leg a tight hug whenever I'm around. I don't have a picture of him right now but he's 100 times cuter than this kid trying to balance in the cartoon below:

I hope I gave all the under the desk people a little something that they'd be able to relate back in their own lives. And I'd love to hear from them about their best thing of the day.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Not fit for decent society

"Someone left me a comment recently saying that I was “not fit for decent society.”  And they’re right and I sort of wonder who they thought they were surprising.  I’ve known I wasn’t fit for decent society since I was seven and did a book report while wearing roller skates and twirling a baton (true story).  But that’s okay.  Because decent society isn’t really a good fit for me either.  In fact, “in decent society” is one of the most terrible places to spend any real time.  “In prison” is almost as bad as “in decent society” but not really because at least in prison you don’t have to wear panty hose.  Also, you might be judging me for choosing jail over country clubs because of panty hose, but I think that just proves that I’m not fit for decent society.  I just proved myself right in an argument I was having with no one.  In other words, please stop trying to insult me because I’m much better at it than you are because I have more practice."

Credits:- Jenny Lawson

Thursday, 5 June 2014

We're all standing naked in front of each other

Hey everyone,
Is it just me or do you guys feel that writing a blog is like willfully standing stark naked in front of a group of strangers? With your every move, people’s eyes move. You’re the only center of attention. The similarity is uncanny.

That being said, I feel like I’m now standing stark naked in a group of people with all their attention towards me. Damnit! I do not like this whole blog writing idea anymore.

Anyway, I love to read what other people write and I don't picture them naked while I'm reading about them. So, if you've written something that you would want me to read, please share. I promise, I'll spread it too. :)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Question 1: Introduce yourself.

Who am I? Well let's see,
I'm 21.

I was always the class clown in school, and the interesting one. I have always loved being with people and ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do something that would keep me close to people.That was when I decided that my final aim in life is to open a tiny cottage bakery in a cozy city.

I love to cook and I love to host. I'm self taught and extremely proud.
In my family, I have my mother and two brothers. My youngest brother is the part of my life I call happiness. He is 8 years old. He's my favorite toy, my cuddling pillow, my confidant and my love at first sight. I can trade anything in the world to see him happy. We have matching aprons and we cook together.

I met my best friend in college. She's my insanity, and my sanity.

Speaking of people in college, I also met  my arch-nemesis, my dreaded ex-boyfriend in college. I hate that there's someone I hate so much. He taught me how to love terms-and-conditions-less-ly and later, how to be independent. I call him the bane of my existence.

Nevertheless, I am extremely lucky (touch-wood). I usually meet people who are very good at heart. Recently, I've started dating a very sweet guy from work. He's charming and he makes me laugh. He's like the ice in soda on a hot summer day. I swear, deodorants have never smelled better on anyone else. I love being in love with him.

I used to love animals but one day, a dog chased me so bad that it tore my skirt off. Ever since then, I don't like animals. They're gross.

I love to read and writing keeps me sane. I am trying to write a book. I love writing letters. I also love receiving letters and I love reading them over and over. Some of my favorite gifts have been letters. I'm the biggest fan of paper based postal system.

I believe that enthusiasm is the most attractive thing in a person. Also, so is honesty. I'm pretty old-fashioned, I believe in everlasting love and monogamy. I believe in growing old together.

I believe in savoring life. I believe in slow kisses; I'm not a Friday night, I'm a Sunday morning. I believe in dancing like tadpoles in rain, laughing like maniacs let loose and spending everything today. I believe in doing all the happy things today itself- I believe in the journey.

I love the people who can laugh..a lot. I love people raw and as they are. If you think that you're one of us, I think we're going to have a lot of fun together. Welcome to my world. :)