Monday, 13 April 2015

Let's switch our vocal chords

Sequel: The Blog of All Happy Things 
Chapter: 2

Today my Outlook calendar showed:

10:30- 11:00           Reason for breaking up with my bed
02:30- 3:30           Something some people want to discuss
07:30- 8:00           Mellifluous downpour of words

There are some people who have an absolute jewel of a voice. I today spoke with an onshore team member of mine, Dani who possesses this gift. She speaks as if she is getting a teeny bit nervous in the attempt of making the words as polite as they humanly could be made, and then presenting them in the voice of God. Voices like those make me go like Oh yeah, I am listening. Why am I not talking, you ask? Because I think that I sound like a monkey singing '8 days a week' in front of you. Please, oh please, just talk, please keep spreading the magic. And this is how I must look:

She was explaining something that had gone wrong with our model, but all I could hear was her saying something, not words, just something that I wanted to listen to. And when the call was about to end, I had all sorts of questions in my head, Aren't you going to take something for this from me? My money? Any jewelry? Me? Yes, please take me. 

Oh, no, no, don't hang up yet. Oh, okay, well, bye. 

And after 5 minutes of contemplation, 

Shit, I didn't record it!

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