Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The blog of all happy things, Chapter 3: Prince Charming finally caught up!

Couple of years ago, I introduced you to this "guy at work I just started dating". Thanks to a very surprising turn of events a few weeks ago, he's now my fiance, and we can start calling him Jagrut, or Prince Charming. I prefer the latter. If you met him, you'd agree.

This is a very emotional time for me. Happy emotional, good emotional, dream come true kind of emotional. Most of my life, unlike most people, I've not known family as a constant. I've known family as a terrifyingly Darwinian evolving system, where people constantly add and subtract. No family I have been closely a part of is complete, and so over the years, I've clubbed people from two-three different biological units, and considered them my own custom family-type thing. It's been the longest dream to have a healthy and complete family. Prince Charming seems to be bringing this dream true for me! His family is giant - all the people are in there. It's so exciting! It's strange that I seem to be happier about getting a family than getting a fiance!

No, he's great too. I am going to tell you something at the risk of making you fall in love with him. Before we go to that, you should know that Charming comes to decisions logically much more often than he would come to them emotionally (unless they involve a crying girlfriend, mother or sister). So, when a few days ago he proposed that we get married, I was surprised he was suggesting that. I was surprised we were not white-boarding this idea and discussing the pros and cons. I was more surprised since every time we discussed this idea before, he always came to the conclusion that the right time to do such a thing is always 3-4 years down the line, no matter which year it is. If you knew me, you'd know that surprise turns into panic quickly for me. Almost all emotions do. I started panicking that he's not thinking through such an important decision of his life. Of my life. 

And so, I asked him, "How did you decide so quickly that we should move forward and get married?".

How he responded to that will always stay with me. I guess it'll be one of those memories that people take to their graves. He said with the greatest conviction in his eyes, "Two reasons - one, I know in all certainty that it has to be you. It doesn't matter when, and now is as good a time as any. Two,... " Well, I don't remember the second reason he quoted. Can't believe I forgot the second part of my grave worthy memory. 

But did you hear that, it has to be me! ME. Who would have thought? 😊 

I love him super much. :)

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